Valves Malaysia

We help engineers & industrial procurement find relevant engineering Valves information & sellers in Malaysia.

What is

We help you find the relevant industrial Valves, valves’ fittings to actuators.

We take your specifications and match them with relevant sellers, who will contact you directly with performance data, catalog & quotation.

We don’t buy or sell valves, and we don’t act as an agent or charge any commission to sellers. We’re here to help:- 

+ Contractors of CIDB Grade 1 to 7, TNB, Petronas, Indah Water, Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran [JPS] and BOMBA 

+ EPCC, M & E Consultants during the Planning & Budgeting [FEED stage]. 

+ Procurement managers & plant engineers

 … and the best part is?
Our matching services are completely FREE of charge! So just send us your specs and we’ll help you find the right seller.

One more thing…if you’re also looking for pumps, vacuum pumps, aerators, mixers, electric motors, or gear transmissions, we can help too…contact us now!


We Serve Contractors

Valves for O&G, Petro-Chemical, Oleo-Oleo Chemical & Chemical
Valves for Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Effluent
Valves for BioGas, Biomass, Solar Power Plant & Power Plant
Valves for Building
Valves for Cooling Tower, HVAC
Valves for Construction Machineries
Valves for Medical Equipments
Fire Fighting Valves with certification Bomba MS2616-2015, FM UL & NPSA